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WitherHUB isn't only a Minecraft Server, it's a Community built for friends. Interact with one another, send mail, currency and items. All in the protection of your own safe plot! Mini-Games in every corner. Express yourself and enjoy Free Fly every Friday~
Hey Withers, 

As most of you are aware of, we've been having an issue with the Survival server crashing. The issue is due to skyblock. I have a backup of everyone's Skyblock from December 7th. We will return everyone's Skyblock hopefully this week when the new skyblock bugs are resolved. 

Thanks everyone!


[Owner] MasterGabeMOD a posted Dec 11, 14
Hello Withers, 

There has been a scheduled maintenance set tonight to fix up a good remaining of the 1.8 bugs. Maintenance will begin at 8PM and go until 12PM P.A.C! 

New Features:

  • New Particles system
  • Bug fixes to PvP
  • New levels for KitPvP
  • Animated Names
  • Skyblock Updates
  • Earn money for play time on the server
  • Several backend bug fixes and security changes

Thanks everyone :)
ItsMijy- INACTIVE Wish i could be there to see the new additions ...
[Hero] TechnicalLight0 Yay, thx gabe!!
stb108 YO master Gabe I got ANOTHER complaint about kitpvp, UM I think you need more staff on there first of all because DUDE t ...

Voting Winners!

[IGHA] metmad22 a posted Dec 2, 14  -  contestgiveawayranksvotewin

Hello Withers!

As you have noticed, the month of October is now over. The weather is starting to get more chilly and the fun events are starting! Most of you have already guessed it from the title, but if that still does not ring a bell, we had announced to you all that at the end of each month, the top 3 voters will get a FREE RANK UPGRADE!

Here were the rules for the voters:
Rank WitherKING/QUEEN's will be awarded in-game 10,000 coins. Players may win multiple times through the year. Rank upgrades from your current rank when you won. Builder->Apprentice, Hero->GOD, etc. The top three non-staff members will be counted. Should a staff make it to the top 3, they will be skipped and the 4th person selected instead, etc. Please avoid cheating and play fair! If you'd rather not wait, ranks will continue to be available as normal on our Ranks page. Stay tuned for rank sales on the upcoming holidays!

As for the winners, *Drum roll* YetiArmy, Shafireman & CuteGirl4411!
Congratulations to all of you who participated, and mostly to the winners! If you want a free rank upgrade, vote! The month just started, and you have plenty of time to vote.
Your ranks will be updated shortly :)

Good luck to you all for the next contest!
- [IGHA] metmad22
CuteGirl4411 INACTIVE For some reason, i cant get the upgrade from Withergod to Witherqueen! It's so unfair!!!!
CuteGirl4411 INACTIVE Oh and for your info, my pic thingy is the younger version of JB! I do like the younger version of JB! He was a great gu ...
CuteGirl4411 INACTIVE Yay! Thanks metmad22!
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