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SlyMC, Gabe took it out because there were some issues that were preventing the plugin from properly working. If the plugin is fixed, it will most likely be re-added..
Gabe, on Survival /pets is not working. Is it taken out, or being fixed?
o sorry did not see the message Ty gabe for all the hard work you do for us
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WitherHUB isn't only a Minecraft Server, it's a Community built for friends. Interact with one another, send mail, currency and items. All in the protection of your own safe plot! Mini-Games in every corner. Express yourself with Free Creative when you Vote!


[Owner] MasterGabeMOD a posted Wed at 17:19

.:WitherHUB 2.5 BETA:.

The team and I have been working hard to make your experience better! With this update, we bring you a new Lobby, Pets, and a special axe on Factions! 

Due to recent security issues and duplications, PartyBomb and Voting for creative have been removed from Survival. You can still vote for fly and WorldEdit!

* Pets can be found on /Survival

* Special axe on /Factions (Check your mail)

* Lobby you will see when you join

QuantumAlchemy pets gone due to abuse...reminds me of another command that could have worked with rules and regulations *cough*/ast*cou ...
xXISamIXx INACTIVE Will the banlist be cleared?
QuantumAlchemy Hello Sir.Gabe i was wondering if we could get trails back from long ago i loved them and think people would love to ha ...

Prison - Now Open
.: On WitherHUB 2.5 :.

Today, we bring back our Prison server! Completely renovated~


WitherHUB 2.5 Prison

This update is in BETA which means there may be bugs and changes to be made!

 Should you find something that is missing, weird, or just not right, please report them on our website! Use the Bug Report thread on our forum. Right here.

ATTENTION: Friends has been reset due to an issue! You will need to add all your friends back! 

Shafireman wait how do you get drugs -not going to use them irl idk if i wanna use it in mc but i just wanna see what there like ma ...
HansomeDude This seems cool, I should add this server's IP
rbt Very cool, great job team.

Ultimate Prison
.:WitherHUB 2.5 BETA:.

As we are quickly approaching the release of our Prison, we felt that today a spoiler shall creep in~

The guards are ready, but are you!?

Be sure to be here on Friday the 15th for the grand reopening!

[GOD] Destroyer8181 I am so excited thanks for the peak!
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