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Goodbye may seem forever...
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WitherHUB isn't only a Minecraft Server, it's a Community built for friends. Interact with one another, send mail, currency and items. All in the protection of your own safe plot! Mini-Games in every corner. Express yourself and enjoy Free Fly every Friday~

Stay protected!

[Owner] MasterGabeMOD a posted Wed at 16:01

Lately, we've been having a lot of issues with people's privacy being leaked out and Minecraft accounts being stolen. We want to give advice to the community to keep your information safe as possible. Here's a quick guide on how to do so!


1) Never share your passwords with anyone!

2) Make sure you're running an Anti-Virus protection services!

(I strongly encourage Malwarebytes) https://www.malwarebytes.org/

3) Never share your personal information on where you live! 

4) Never accept a random file from Skype or Facebook of someone you don't know!

5) Never accept a random friend request on Skype or Facebook if you don't know them!


We will be keeping a close eye out on the hacking issues on our server. Anything related to DOX, DDoS, SWATTING, and STEALING will get you completely banned on the server forever. We will not tolerate behavior like this!

One year. That's how long WitherHub is been rolling. Back in the dark ages of WitherHub, we started off with a single server. The server contained a few mini-games and honestly not much to it. 

Today, I would like to announce the upcoming WitherHub 2.5!

What's new in WitherHub 2.5!?

  • A brand new map for Survival
  • A huge new Hub that will contain gadgets and games
  • Prison will get a new courtyard with a new ranking system
  • KitPvP will get a whole new Kit system including a few new maps
  • All in-game money will be shared across the whole network, besides Prison

This is all the information I'm going to share with you guys. Please keep note, there's no release date for any of this at this time!

I would like everyone to give a special thanks to our WitherHub build team. They've been hard at work with getting new maps out! I would also like to give a special thanks to VirusBrandon for his continued efforts on helping us move forward. We couldn't do it without you :)
[KING] [Inactive] mijy97 i remember. now the server is so big. tons of awesome players. Goodbye may seem forever Farewell is like the end But in ...
mine_shaft321 I cant believe it has been this long... I joined the server when it first started. I have loved watching it grow better ...
[GOD] CoolDuplicator This is going to be AWESOME!!

First off, Happy New Year to you all! 2014 was a great year and we expect 2015 to be even better! 

To start off with the new year, I would like to introduce a couple of new changes that will be happening! First off, without further ado, please welcome VirusBrandon to our development team! 
VirusBrandon will be helping us improve WitherHub with unique mini-games and much others.
This is a very exciting opportunity to bring in a whole new WitherHub experience for everyone out there. We're happy to bring VirusBrandon to the team!

New Games

  • The first game we implemented is Micro SG! Micro SG is just like SurvivalGames, but offers challenges and exciting features. 
  • Our second game currently being setup is "The Bridges".
  • We will be introducing brand new kits to KitPvP!

We would like to thank the community for the continued support! We appreciate your comments, suggestions, and donations! Thank you!
[KING] [Inactive] mijy97 I haad a... Dreeeam!
lpqp Welcome VirusBrandon I Ment