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Welcome back Metmad!! :d
Welcome back Met :d
Guess who's back! :d
Same here :thumb: !
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Improvements? What Improvements? After dealing with several complaints about their being issues with our servers, we decided a make over is needed. We highly recommend you stay up to date on the website, otherwise you may miss out. 

Servers that will be down for improvements:

  • KitPvP
  • Factions
  • Prison

We've been listening to our community on what should be improved to make the Hub experience much better. WitherHub's release wasn't our most exciting update. These next few weeks, our team will be focused on improving these 3 servers AND working on adding more servers to the network!
BlueBonnet210 Due to the living environment, reducing usage of electricity might be more than better for the environment. Glitches ar ...
[QUEEN] forevergirly11 kit should stay the way it is. besides the cheat in duel where u can use your kit
rivalninja32197 You should be able to sell sugarcane in factions to get more money, And you should add more things to the /warp shop lik ...
What up peeps!

I really want to improve everyone's experience on our server. 
We are here to listen to everyone's ideas and suggestions to help improve our network!
Please, if you have suggestions, criticisms, ideas or anything, we would like to hear it. 

I have some questions I would like to ask the community. 

1) How are the staff?
2) Are the staff friendly?
3) Are the staff helpful?
4) Do you think the server gets boring after a while?
5) Is navigating around our server confusing?
6) What can we do to improve things?

Please let me know down in the comments :) 
Our staff will not be offended by your criticisms!  


BlueBonnet210 I remember talking to someone but who exactly, idk. I do like the different areas of minecraft to access for a variety ...
thisgirl13 more ways to get money, cause ppl always ask for mine and my sister always gives them some
rjslayer1 This is a bit off topic but would improve the server in my opinion. Gabe, i think you should remove enchanted golden app ...
Hello everyone, 

As of now, hacking is officially banned from the server. 

What now?

To keep the community free of hackers, we will need your help! Those who post videos or proof, on our forums, of a user hacking will receive 150 coins!

Thank you all for your votes!
LugiaTamer23 I caught a hacker, he literally admitted it, but how or were do I upload the photo?
LugiaTamer23 withermaster6 hacks I am recording it and I am also recording myself putting this post up no idea why though x3
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