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Indeed it is not, and indeed no body starts at admin. lol
:lol: Profighter, admin isn't purchasable...
i am getting admin
Julianjets if you really want to get unbanned why don't you fill out a ban appeal
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[Owner] MasterGabeMOD a posted Wed at 17:10
Hello everyone!

First off, Happy Wednesday to you all. I hope most of you are enjoying your summer vacation!

Just FYI, I'm going to be running maintenance on the Faction server tonight. I'm sure most of you will be sleeping while we perform maintenance, so no need to worry! We're going to be introducing some sweet new plugins that the community will love! As always, the team has been working very hard to improve our network. 

And lastly, thank you! 200/1600!

//EDIT: If you want to view our server updates, please visit here: http://witherhub.net/forum/m/19006456/viewthread/10256516-server-updates

BitlordCZ Simply explains that WitherHUB isn't going anywhere except success ! Good job for each and every staff team member. ...

What now?

[Owner] MasterGabeMOD a posted Jul 12, 14
Hello everyone!

As of today, MysticalWithers 2.0 has now been open for 8 days! This is very exciting and we hope to kick off this summer with new features and events!

What now?

As of now, we're currently trying to stabilize the server and get rid of every single bug or problem that occurs. We understand everyone's frustration of our staff interrupting your game-play. Don't worry about this, because this will NOT last forever. 

New Features?

Right now we're working on a entire new website and new rank store. The website will hopefully contain forums for each server. This will keep things much more organized and it will prevent from anyone getting confused. We're also working on some new themes to fit MysticalWithers 2.0. The rank store will be completely customized and much easier to read. SeiRruf is working very hard on this and we hope to see it on our "Ranks" website very soon! 


We're currently working on finishing up Skywars, as I'm sure most of you are excited for this. I'm hoping to have this finished by Sunday, if not Monday!

We're going to be working on a "report a player application". It will be just like the submitting a Staff Application, but instead you'll be explaining what the player did to break our rules and proof. This will also keep things 100% private and out of people's hands. 

Another brilliant idea that just recently came to mind was rewarding players who catch someone advertising on the server and place it on the forums. We're offering 50 coins on all servers if:

1) You catch a screenshot of an advertiser
2) Open up a forum thread and paste the screenshot (because it's proof). 

Please note, the reward for catching advertisers is NOT officially set yet. We will make a post once we're for sure ready to do something like this. 

Spread the word!

Yes! Tell your friends about WitherHub! We want to create a huge community for players to have fun and enjoy their time on the server! Create YouTube videos, tell your friends on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, or any other social media website out there. 
[Hero] DaAwesome01 Gabe I've been banned from 56 servers for advertising.
[KING] hitman_115 I'll be going to the only other server I have left (I use to play for skywars) And getting banned by saying this server' ...
BitlordCZ Pretty interesting, patiente increased. Let's hope this will get brilliant (: !
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=WELCOME TO MYSTICALWITHERS 2.0=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

We're glad to finally announce that MysticalWithers 2.0 is now open for public! 

Current status on the other servers:

1) MysticalWithers main server is now open
2) The Faction server will be open July 5th
3) The KitPvP server will be open July 6th
4) The Prison server will be open July 7th

Reporting Bugs:

As of now, we have a board at spawn called "Bug List". Bug list is a list of what needs to be fixed on MysticalWithers. If you find a bug, report it to a staff member! 

Lost ranks:

If you lost a rank in this update, please send MasterGabeMOD OR SeiRruf a message!

Not happy:

We noticed a few people not happy with the server and we want to help! Please open threads on the forums if you have a suggestion to improving the server! We're ALWAYS open to suggestions!

In Conclusion:

We hope all of you have a wonderful time on MysticalWithers 2.0. The crew has worked day and night to get this project out to you guys. We've put in months of work just for you guys :) 

- MasterGabeMOD

[GOD] Snightmaregirl -.- Im a hero on the server. Im a damn god!
ihaveacwookie FIX IT FIX IT!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO BUY GOD!!!!!!!!!
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