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madjackfin, please open a thread in the 'report a player' section and provide us with enough proof.
SeiRruf, when you do your best amazing things happen! (In a good way).
jonnycay xxwitherpvpxx and makhulu are spawn killing every one mostly thebajanlachlan but its pvp u want to kill people not get spawn killed so can u just kick them OR give them a warning pvp becos he said that he is getting bullied TO by the sameppl
When Ever I Join Prison I Lag Out Please Fix This!!!
Nope, the one and only here! :) I have been quite busy though :( Doing my best :)
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Hi everyone, 

So I would like to inform a few of you that we have some awesome new games coming out :) Our team has been working very hard on all sorts of new goodies for all of you. 

As most of you may know, we've been taking down some of the servers and making them more fabulous. I'm sure most of you are anxious to get back on Factions! I'm hoping to get the new Factions out by the next couple of weeks, but it really depends if my team can handle all the stress. 

I would like to give a special thanks to mikenick418 and HolenDell for their dedication towards the server. Fun and beautiful maps are not possible without these guys! Please give them a thank you or leave a nice comment on their profiles!

And finally, a new mini game I will be introducing to the server is called "Bridges". As seen from here: http://youtu.be/H_qFB_JqPsY the objective is to gather materials, build a team, and of course, build a bridge. We're going to have some pretty awesome maps for this one :)

It's been an awesome run so far. Thank you everyone for your support! Things will improve, I promise! We're here to listen to your comments, suggestions, questions, criticisms and much more. Please don't be afraid to express your opinion about our server! Never the less, I shall be off to continue developing our server!


[Owner] MasterGabeMOD a posted Aug 30, 14
While we strive to bring the best experience to the server, taking down servers for maintenance can be quite annoying. After speaking with my staff, getting reorganized and focusing on what will best fit our community, we've caught eye on some cool new plugins for everyone to use. 

Unfortunately, on September 1st, we will be taking down the Faction server for a couple of weeks. In order to improve your experience, we're going to take some time on getting out an exciting new update for all. We'll be spending a lot of time on this, but I promise you, it will be worth it in the end :)

Enjoy your weekends all!
StrategiKZueZ Will you be finishing the shop also?
[Hero] DaAwesome01 Make everything less OP so raiding a base is worth it.
BlueBonnet210 For more environmental reasons, I would like to gr0w in a way that is profitable in many short terms which will result i ...
Improvements? What Improvements? After dealing with several complaints about their being issues with our servers, we decided a make over is needed. We highly recommend you stay up to date on the website, otherwise you may miss out. 

Servers that will be down for improvements:

  • KitPvP
  • Factions
  • Prison

We've been listening to our community on what should be improved to make the Hub experience much better. WitherHub's release wasn't our most exciting update. These next few weeks, our team will be focused on improving these 3 servers AND working on adding more servers to the network!
Skyluve this suck people think their all that and they hack and you guys do nothing but i hate this new kitpvp and then people g ...
rabelranger2 GIVE US /kit god /kit hero /kit vet /kit king /kit queen and stuff!
[GOD] CodForDays bring the diamond kits back D:
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