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lol cx
You don't post for 1 WEEK and you get inactive.
Add unbans, I bet so many people would buy them
It's the administration facing some financial issues. Running WitherHUB is expensive and costs a large amount of money so this is normal.
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WitherHUB isn't only a Minecraft Server, it's a Community built for friends. Interact with one another, send mail, currency and items. All in the protection of your own safe plot! Mini-Games in every corner. Express yourself with our Free /Creative Server!


Hello Withers! I ask that all of you please take a moment to read through this.

As all of you have seen, WitherHub has taken a complete dive this year. January of 2015, we lost 40% of our player base. March of 2015, we started facing finanical issues and I have been relying on my girlfriend (pikawolfe) to help us keep the server alive. Without the help of her for the last 6 months, we would not be here right now. 

As of this month, WitherHub started to show a rise in interest when we introduced some new 3.0 features. We are happy to see that a lot of you are enjoying the new features. However, even with the rise in players, we were still not seeing enough donations to cover the monthly costs of WitherHub. This is where it gets very stressful for me & the team. 

Starting today, we will be doing some heavy cleanup around the network. The cleanup will result in these 3 changes:

1) Removing all mini game servers
2) Bug fixes/tweaks
3) Security improvements

We do want to make everyone well aware that we are keeping close watch on the threats going on around the server. The team and I are working on strengthening up rules and staff procedures. We want everyone to have a safer and more enjoyable experience. It's time for change & change will start now. If someone is threatening you, please make a /report

Thank you all for understanding and being supportive during these difficult times.

Rival_Ninja Man. Cant wait for that update when you unban Rival
Devilhead204 will kitpvp still be up
LSC200K i hope the changes will save the server... we all have hope for the server



WitherHub is back online!

Welcome to .:WitherHUB 3.0:. Part #2

With this release, we bring you:

- PlayerServers for [WitherKing] & [WitherQueen]

- New Jobs on Survival

- New Faction Kits

- Faction crates now contain rare MasterGabeMOD & SeiRruf Kits

- Trails have been added to Creative

- Animated Gear on Factions 

- More Updates

- Small bug fixes

- Helpful TIPS

As always, please report bugs on the Forums! 

xSkylar How much money are you guys down?
Noah_PlayzMc can you update the perks for the ranks on each server? please

Welcome to .:WitherHUB 3.0:. Part #1

With this release, we bring you:

  • Whole New Lobby
  • [Survival] - Players can now earn money by mining ores
  • [Factions] - MCMMO Stats view /stats
  • [Factions] - Bounties can be placed on players
  • Tons of bug fixes and general updates 

The main Hub took us about 6 hours to put in. We needed to make sure it was perfect. WitherHub 3.0 Part #2 will contain many more features! Stay tuned guys! 

Shadow_Bound Hey Gabe in part of the 3.0 marathon (thats what i call it) could we get trails in creative
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