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I just feel hated metmad if no one cleaers my inventory I Can no longer go on I AM CRIEING IRL ABOUT THIS
Why would I hate you CrazyCrieper? I don't hate anyone. What do you need help with? We have SOOO much things to do, we can't just look at the shout box. Email or pm us private for a faster response.
Crazier. The reason why no one helps you cause ur just mean to them. Either ur just mean to them or they just hate u.
if no one helps me
I am quiting and starting my own server
You do not have access to shout
Currently on IP: mcWitherHub.net
IP: MysticalWithers.net
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WitherHUB isn't only a Minecraft Server, it's a Community built for friends. Interact with one another, send mail, currency and items. All in the protection of your own safe plot! Mini-Games in every corner. Express yourself and enjoy Free Fly every Friday~

Dear Top Voters..

[CO] SeiRruf a posted Oct 4, 14  -  competetioncontestfreerankranksvotewin
Vote for WitherHUB

* Minor details apply. Rank WitherKING/QUEEN's will be awarded in-game 10,000 coins. Players may win multiple times through the year. Rank upgrades from your current rank when you won. Builder->Apprentice, Hero->GOD, etc.
The top three non-staff members will be counted. Should a staff make it to the top 3, they will be skipped and the 4th person selected instead, etc. Please avoid cheating and play fair! If you'd rather not wait, ranks will continue to be available as normal on our Ranks page. Stay tuned for rank sales on the upcoming holidays!
FaZe WeeD|Joefitz510 Its not fair D; i can't vote everytime i try it says i voted already today :( i really want to rank up also, i think G ...
[KING] psy1456 If I win please put it on my alt account
[KING] gassykitty What if your a high rank like me can I give the rank away or what? But really thanks!

After months of trying to find ways to fix the hacking issues on KitPvP, today we can finally announce that we have a new way to stop hacking! Forcefield, anti-knockback, autosoup and much more will be patched. Bringing on this new resource to prevent hackers, we expect there to be slight bugs while this new patch is in action. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

The servers will be going down for maintenance tonight around 10PM PAC. That's exactly in 3 hours! We will be preparing to open up a new unique mini-game for all of you to enjoy. We hope to have the new game open by Saturday!

BUG: KitPvP anti hack detects legit users. Please don't worry, nothing will happen!
johnnycay They hack because when you assholes come online your to O.P (over powered) and they get annoyed when they have all their ...
kayskier101 I got scared so much today because it said i was using forcefield...heph! but now kitpvp got a lot of glitches...oh well ...
kayskier101 I was in kitpvp just a few minutes ago and a glitch occurred where if i hit a cow (semi-safe zone) a random player would ...

Something spOoOoOky is arising! Oh my, can it be? YES, HALLOWEEN!

Who doesn't love eating candy, haunted houses, and scary things? I sure don't know what I would do if there was no Halloween! I had a lot of fun decorating and squishing up the bugs. Oh yes, and kill those nasty spiders and witches that keep appearing at spawn! Psst. I hear if you kill one, they will give you 10 coins each! WhoOoaaA! Heck, while you're having fun, go check out our new SurvivalGames system! We have 4 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious maps!

Good Luck ;)
[GOD] CodForDays Thats just awesome Gabe ...
Mmzade1209 Gabe did you fix the bug?I msged you on your board.
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